Ledipasvir LediHep inhibits significant enteroviral phosphoprotein NS5A, which is involved in viral replication, production and secretion. The product restrains the reproduction of the microbe Ledipasvir and does not allow it to expand according to the blood flow. LediHep includes 2 different elements used to treat the presence of prolonged hepatitis C (HCV). Any tablet contains 90 mg of ledipasvir and FOUR hundred mg of sofosbuvir. Together, the two elements function as well as a potent way contrary to HCV. Ledipasvir will be published in packages according to 28 tablets. Any tablet contains 90 mg of ledipasvir and FOUR hundred mg of sofosbuvir in the property of functioning elements. The product is used according to one tablet per period. The pill can not be chewed or crushed, should be swallowed completely, drinking a huge number of water.

The rate of cure is required to determine the doctor. After all, one determines the dose performs its correction, if taken at the same time other substances, which prevents the effects of the substance LediHep.
The course of treatment can last from 12 to 24 months and is administered by a doctor in connection with the distinctive features of the disease in the patient.

If during the period of therapy with the use of Ledipasvir there were secondary results of 1 and 2 levels of severity, it is necessary to extend the acceptance of the substance in the usual manner. The presence of the big complications of the severity or cure the inefficiency of the direction of discontinue.

The medicine is more correct to carry out during the meal, drinking a rich number of water. Meet the product every day, in one and in this case because the period.

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