Consumer credit

Consumer credit is money that a financial institution give a loan to the Russian citizens for the purchase of goods and services. A loan can be obtained for the purchase of household appliances, a smartphone or to pay for education. For the Bank lending provided, the consumer must pay interest. Consumer lending can have several definitions, as it contains a lot of types of consumer loans that can be provided to private consumers. In the face of the lender can be a financial institution, a trading structure, credit structures of non-Bank type (credit cooperative, pawnshop, mutual assistance), construction organizations, rental offices, even Sami individuals, as well as enterprises in which consumers work. Banks are in the first place in providing various operations to Russian citizens. Types of consumer credit At the moment under the consumer credit understand the implementation of trading structures for consumer goods from hire purchase or financial institution providing loans for the purchase of consumer goods, as well as for consumption needs of a personal nature.
Consumer lending is taking root in consumers ‘ lives. This is due to the fact that people simply stop accumulating funds or their incomes are too small for this. And the desire to acquire something new exceeds these barriers. A simple solution is to apply to a financial institution and get a specific amount for the execution of needs. No one gives free money, so you need to approach very carefully to the choice of lending programs that do not overpay fabulous amounts.

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