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The name of the candy flower is made with a similar flower with only lapped pronunciation is with the accent on the last style. In accordance with the event, for the first time this type confectionery online weed edibles products store products emerged in the horizons of our homeland in 1902 in St. Petersburg, much one was brought lapped pastry chef, Josue de Mornas. The popularity of the candy flower has increased significantly, for this reason, the presence of the implementation of the recipe de Mornas, seeing the similarity of the relief of its products with the petals of the flower, instantly because he developed the name of his own batch of delicacies.

Clearly, this existed customary business promotion, so as well as in most of France, the flower was the most popular fifty percent century, some borrowed from the British style name tuffy. However, as well as b in this case, the letter existed in the Russian Federation took directly the 1st with the names.

Part of the iris
Meanwhile, candy flower is considered a kind of sweet confectionery products. In the structure of the iris take such essential elements as well as mallasa (nardek), sugar, butter or vegetable butter and concentrated milk. Sometimes in the course of production are added and other elements-powder, soy protein, and in addition flavors, grass, crushed Chinese) nut and others.

Technology of production of the candy flower is alternate with the addition of heating the parts in a special varnam the boiler, means food boiled in the presence of heat up to 130 degrees. The result comes out quite watery part of the mixture.

Hot butterscotch composition eventually studitsya, after which it becomes quite dense and not particularly viscous, in this case, there is this kind, in order that it may exist to place in a special device that gives the bundles of molasses people of a specific thickness.

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