Today, lending in our country is quite a popular banking service. Credit url organizations offer their customers loans for various purposes — the purchase of housing, car and so on. The greatest demand is consumer credit. To choose the optimal credit program, it is necessary to study the conditions for issuing such loans, otherwise you can get into a debt hole. Next will be described in detail, which means a consumer loan and that I need to get it.
A consumer loan is a loan that is issued by a credit institution to a person for the purchase of something. Such a loan is provided to the client as a deferred payment for any product or service, for example, the purchase of a phone, household appliances, paid medical care and so on. The Bank also issues a consumer loan in the form of a certain amount of money (loan), which must be returned at the time specified in the contract.
Today, consumer lending is quite developed. Banks offer customers a variety of programs where you can choose a loan based on individual needs. Consumer loans are divided into the following types: By type of lender. This item includes organizations that issue funds for various purposes: banks, pawnshops, trade and microfinance organizations. By type of borrower. The item is divided into the following criteria: the loan is granted to any group of persons who are citizens of the Russian Federation, a certain group of persons (entrepreneurs), special (persons who regularly pay the debt and receive various bonuses from the Bank for the second and subsequent loans), young families, socially vulnerable groups of persons (working and non-working pensioners). On maintenance. In this case, the Bank requires the borrower to guarantee the return, making out as collateral movable or immovable property. This files most often fall under the provision of consumer loans in excess of 500 thousand rubles. Loans that do not involve collateral are usually small — from 10 to 500 thousand. Here, the borrower is required only a certificate of income, but in the current trend, banks ignore this rule and provide programs that require the borrower only an identity document.

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